Maverick Supply Inc.

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650 Hwy 62 West     P.O. Box 307
Berryville, Arkansas   72616

About us

People often mourn the passing of the old “mom & pop shops,” but they haven’t disappeared. The successful ones just look different than they once did.

The bustle of business around Maverick Supply almost lets us forget that this remains very much a family affair. Operation of the store has passed to another generation, but the commitment to customer service remains.

The business began almost as an afterthought 36 years ago. When the late William “Dee” Burch had trouble finding plumbing supplies at a good price, he searched the region until he found better rates. When he bought quantities bigger than he needed, he brokered the leftovers to other contractors, and the response led him to open up the store west of Berryville.

Anyone who knew Mr. Burch can appreciate how well the name “Maverick” fit this operation. Right from the start, the next generation of Burches worked long hours to build the business.

The floor space grew from an original 4,000 square feet to the present 15,000 feet, and the fenced yards of materials occupy about three acres.

Even with the increased floor space, the shelves are densely packed. Customers can expect to find everything they need in the way of plumbing and electrical supplies.

Maverick also offers several lines of power tools, and they carry bath and kitchen fixtures as well.

The growth of the business has required adding staff from outside the immediate family, but Jack Burch, his wife Dee Burch, Gene Burch, and Maria Burch Whiteside still form the core of the company.

Success hasn’t spoiled them, either. The whole family still devotes long hours to the presentation of an incredible inventory at extremely competitive prices.

The retail and wholesale business at Maverick serves a wide area of the Ozarks.

One other aspect survives from the days of the “mom and pop shop.” Everyone in the store can dispense just the right mixture of professional advice and personal friendly service.

Store hours Monday through Friday are from 7:30 a.m. until 5 p.m., and on Saturday from 7:30 a.m. until noon.